Top 10 Independent Playlisters You Need to Check Out!

In no particular order, this is a list of our top ten favourite independent playlisters making a name for themselves on Spotify. #10 - Indiemono Indiemono has it all, with dozens of playlists ranging from their year by year breakdown of the best indie songs, to playlists that will make you feel like a true... Continue Reading →

The Holy Grail for Indie Artists: a Step by Step Guide to Spotify Playlist Pitching

(Estimated reading time: 7 minutes.) Spotify: Playlist Pitching.  The gatekeepers of hit songs used to be many: record label and publishing company execs, radio programmers, brick and mortar outlets and distributors, just to name a few. Today though, in an increasingly streaming-driven era, a select few curators hold the keys to arguably today’s biggest hit-makers:... Continue Reading →

Breaking Down Streaming Services

(Estimated reading time: 4 minutes.) Spotify vs. Apple Music. It is no secret that there is a big debate out there with regards to music streaming platforms. Spotify? Apple Music? Tidal? Google Play Music? What’s the difference? Why should I use one versus the other? We have been through the exact same internal debate, and... Continue Reading →

Discover Weekly and Release Radar: Spotify’s Algorithmic (Not So) Secret Weapons

(Estimated reading time: 7 minutes.)  Spotify: Discover Weekly and Release Radar.  Spotify has built much of its brand on machine learning and algorithms, employing the former and the latter in a number of different contexts. (This much is evident in the company’s aggressive acquisition strategy, having most notably acquired… wait for it… MightyTV, Mediachain Labs, The Echo Nest, Niland,... Continue Reading →

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